JetSym 4.4

JetSym is a programming tool with a scalable programming language
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JetSym is a programming tool with a scalable programming language for the whole range of automation functions. Thanks to its process-oriented language real processes can be put into words and be described.
Powerful instructions for arithmetical calculations, axis handling, and user guidance make programming even of complex functions, such as path control, much easier.
JetSym is a tool providing all means required for all steps of a project, from process programming to commissioning and diagnostics of drive systems.
Depending on the requirements and the controller type, the language can be scaled from classic JetSym to advanced, object-oriented JetSym STX.
An efficient programming language such as JetSym STX helps you save development time and consequently costs. The easier and the more convenient ways of programming a plant there are, the shorter is the time-to-market.
JetSym STX comprises all elements there are to solve automation tasks in one tool - starting from simple I/O functions via data handling up to complex path control of several drives.
This video is to give you an impression of how powerful the programming language JetSym STX is. Just get a picture of JetSym STX making the program code much more compact and of how easily the programs of various parts of the plant can be read.
Main features:
- Classic language for programming NANO, DELTA, and PASE-E controllers
- Simple and clear process-oriented structure
- Plain-text programming
- Multitasking
- Axis positioning and technological functions
- Structured language for direct process description
- Multitasking (up to 100 programs running in parallel)
- Programming language based on Structured Text (IEC 61131-3)
- Powerful motion instructions (no separate path control required)
- Powerful extension to ST language
- Object-oriented programming is possible
- Changes and download of tasks are allowed during operation
- Cyclically determined tasks are possible
- Smart exception handling
- All controller platforms by Jetter are supported
- Easy-to-use hardware manager
- Transparent access to all plant parameters
- Well organized and powerful commissioning interface
- Convenient debugger with a host of functions designed to aid in debugging a program
- Export of data to the visualization program JetViewSoft with consistent data management

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